Why Evolink.CDN


Why choose us?

  • Because of the trust our customers have in us;
  • Because Evolink.CDN is designed to provide utmost flexibility;
  • Because we provide you with tools for real-time monitoring and analytics;
  • Because we provide you with tools to monetize your content;
  • Because we manage all the elements of the cloud ecosystem and we can guarantee their performance;
  • Because we manage one of the most reliable and well developed networks in Bulgaria;
  • Because we can serve massive audience and huge traffic loads;
  • Because at Evolink your questions will be answered 24x7;
  • Because we can not only provide you with streaming of your video but we can build fiber links to your premises, we can provide you with highest quality Internet service, we can host your website, we can integrate an overall and reliable solution by controlling each element;
  • Because we provide quality of experience for your viewers.
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Both media holding the rights to broadcast the EUFA EURO 2021, Nova Broadcasting Group and the Bulgarian National Television trusted EVOLINK.CDN for the online streaming of the matches. 
Watch this weekend's World Cup finals in rowing under 23, live from Plovdiv 
For the second consecutive year Evolink will broadcast live online the mountain ultra marathon and MTB race "Vitosha 100km"